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Our services & expertise

How we apply our business & technical skills in Music
Music Analytics

It is a must for the artists to know how your music are played for which audience, for what purpose, for how many times and from which channels. Explore the charts, taste of your audience and trending by demographically. Combine with that with your passion to create more exciting music.

Royalty Claims

Your music is served everywhere, on Youtube, Streaming services or like RungTune but you get nothing or less than what you deserve. Sometimes, you don't event get reported for a long time. For that matter, leave with us, we will claim on behalf of you. Don't feel sorry, It is your rights and everyone's responsibilities to respect someone's intellectual property.


Don't stay old and slow. In the age of Internet, you couldn't know where your audience might be. They might be very much in love your demo song that you sang home alone with your acoustic guitar on your coach. They could listen your music from their nuke bunkers. So, let us help your songs echo every corner of the earth to reach millions.

Support with Love

Pancasikha believes that it is time to fight back for content creators and performers for what they deserve to enable creating more creative contents in peace. But we could not done alone but by supporting each other with good deed for the future of a country's culture and positive impact on our socio-cultural environment.

Strong, Passionate, Open-Minded and Experienced Team

Initiated online by founders years ago as fun project, now incorporated in Singapore and operating at downtown of Yangon
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